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NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Products

NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology works by using nano cerium oxide to provide both a chemical and mechanical polishing mechanism to polish the glass. Then, a transparent treatment is applied that repels dirt and grime deposits.  When the protected surface is exposed to a water source, the water is transformed into a thin sheeting layer and dirt is easily rinsed away.  During this sheeting action, also called a "hydrophilic" effect, water spreads evenly over the window surface to flush the surface clean, accelerates drying and leaves a virtually spotless finish.

The NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology is a two-step process that first cleans and polishes windows back to 'like new' condition then, provides an invisible protection to keep windows cleaner longer than traditional window cleaning products.

STEP 1: Wash glass thoroughly with soap and water. Using a non-abrasive applicator, apply NanoUltraTM Architectural Glass Stain Remover and Polish to polish the window and create a smooth, defect free hydrophilic glass surface.

STEP 2: Apply NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Treatment with the provided NanoUltraTM Microfiber cloth to maintain the hydrophilic characteristic, which keeps the window clean.  A hydrophilic window means that water will sheet down the glass washing away dirt and grime as well as prevent water spots or streaks.

Download the NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology - Product Application Instructions

Descargue la Tecnologia de Ventana Hydrophilic Super NanoUltra - Instrucciones de Aplicacion de Producto

NanoUltra Applications Training Video for Stained Windows-Step 1

NanoUltra Applicatins Training Video for Stained Windows-Step 2

NanoUltra Applications Training Video-Step 1 SPANISH

NanoUltra Applications Training Video-Step 2 SPANISH


Restore & polish architectural windows to their original condition!

NanoUltraTM Architectural Glass Stain Remover & Polish  

  • 25oz. bottle
  • Works more effectively than other stain removers or polishes to remove stubborn stains from architectural glass surfaces
  • Efficiently removes most corrosion including stubborn calcium, magnesium, iron, and silicate stains without mechanical buffing
  • Outstanding performance on precast concrete stains
  • Non-greasy paste makes rinsing easier and faster 
  • Superior glass polisher - restores window to 'like new' condition
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent for residential, commercial, Class A, and post construction stain removal projects
  • Fresh citrus fragrance
  • Produces a highly reflective finish and glass that GLISTENS.
  • Great preparatory product for NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Treatment


Maintain clean windows with the ultimate shine!

NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Treatment

NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Treatment
is an invisible protection that imparts a self-maintaining transparent surface to architectural glass. Protected surfaces that are exposed to a water source remain clean. This revolutionary product transforms surfaces to allow water to sheet on the surface and wash away the dirt. This also helps to prevent water from forming spots on the glass, keeping architectural windows cleaner longer! 



NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Treatment

  • 32oz. bottle
  • Step 2 Treatment is applied immediately after NanoUltraTM Architectural Glass Stain Remover and Polish
  • Excellent barrier sealant to repel deposition of dirt and grime
  • Hydrophilic action transforms raindrops or water into a sheeting layer, leaving window free of spots and streaks
  • Maintains clean windows
  • Easy to apply - no rubbing or buffing
  • Includes NanoUltraTM Microfiber Cloth for application