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Nanophase Technologies Introduces New NanoUltra™ Product Line For Architectural Glass Cleaning Industry

Innovative New Products Use Nanotechnology To Keep Windows Cleaner Longer

Romeoville, Ill. - Nanophase Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: NANX) is launching a new line of innovative, nano-enabled products for the professional window cleaning industry at the International Window Cleaning Association Convention in Reno, Nevada, January 27-30, 2010. NanoUltra™ Super Hydrophilic Window Technology and NanoUltra™ Stain Remover and Polish provide advanced levels of cleaning, polishing and protection for glass cleaning or window restoration applications, including commercial Class A, low- and high-rise buildings, residential homes and post-construction projects.

Nanophase Technologies Corporation makes nanotechnology work for architectural glass cleaning by leveraging its experience and success with nano ceria in high-tech optical polishing. "This revolutionary product line gives professional window cleaners, window restoration specialists and building managers the opportunity to provide the next generation of window cleaning technology that truly makes windows shine," said David Nelson, vice-president of sales and marketing for Nanophase Technologies. "They also offer window cleaning companies the ability to reduce their customers' overall window maintenance costs, while creating new revenue streams and improved profitability."

NanoUltra™ Super Hydrophilic Window Technology keeps windows cleaner longer by providing an invisible protection to the surface of glass. The NanoUltra™ products impart a protection to the glass surface that is hydrophilic, allowing water to create a sheeting action that washes away dirt and grime. These revolutionary products also accelerate drying time, resulting in spot and streak free windows for up to two years.

This high-performance product works using a two-step application method. First, one of two nano cerium oxide products is applied as a pretreatment, to provide both a chemical and mechanical polishing mechanism to restore glass to its original condition. Nanophase offers two pretreatment product options: NanoUltra™ Super Hydrophilic Window Pretreatment for non-stained windows; or NanoUltra™ Stain Remover and Polish, which removes stubborn mineral deposits and corrosion. The NanoUltra™ Super Hydrophilic Treatment product is then applied, completing the glass protection application to give windows the ultimate shine.

The results provide significant benefits to building owners and managers, professional window cleaners and window restoration specialists. In addition to reducing liability, insurance and cleaning costs for the building owners, the NanoUltra™ Technology offers up-sell and new business development opportunities for those servicing these patrons.

New NanoUltra™ Stain Remover and Polish is a high-performance product that removes stubborn stains and restores architectural windows to their original condition. Treatment with the product produces a highly reflective surface that is free of stains and micro-roughness. Exterior windows not only glisten with a high shine, but remain cleaner longer than windows that are cleaned with traditional stain removers.

As a stand-alone product, NanoUltra™ Stain Remover and Polish easily removes traces of precast concrete, mineral deposits, oils, acid rain and other everyday grime and buildup on windows. Offering a unique patent-pending formulation, NanoUltra™ Stain Remover and Polish is safer to use than hydrofluoric and hydrochloric stain removal systems that can be dangerous to employees, exterior surfaces and the environment.

For more information about NanoUltra™ Super Hydrophilic Window Technology and NanoUltra™ Stain Remover and Polish, or for a product sample, visit www.nano-ultra.com or contact an authorized distributor.

Nanophase Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: NANX), www.nanophase.com, is a leader in nanomaterials technologies and provides nanoengineered solutions for multiple industrial product applications. Using a platform of patented and proprietary integrated nanomaterial technologies, the Company creates products with unique performance attributes from two ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 facilities. Nanophase delivers commercial quantity and quality nanoparticles, coated nanoparticles and nanoparticle dispersions in a variety of media.