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The Benefits of NanoUltraTM Products for Homeowners


Give Your Windows the Ultimate Shine!

Are you like many homeowners who feel their windows are dirty only days after they just had them cleaned?

NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology is an invisible protection that forms a self-maintaining surface to architectural glass. Protected surfaces that are exposed to a water source remain cleaner longer than traditional window cleaning.

More and more, windows are becoming an important part of the architectural appeal of homes today.  However, keeping these windows clean can be difficult, frustrating, and a time consuming challenge.  Keeping windows clean can also be a safety hazard.  Accidents often occur due to the misuse of a ladder, over-reaching, or  working from window sills and ledges with no safeguards.

However, if windows are not maintained, hard mineral and hard water stains will degrade the glass.  Corrosion can reach a point where the molecular structure has been altered, necessitating expensive replacement.  Additionally, dirt particles build-up in the crevices of the glass, destroying its transparent properties.  This actually lowers the amount of sunlight entering a room; consequently, missing the opportunity to take advantage of the sun's natural lighting and warming properties that positively affect heating and lighting energy consumption.

NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology polishes your windows to their original condition and transforms the glass surfaces to allow water to sheet down the surface. Dirt is washed away clean with every rainfall or spray with a garden hose.

The NanoUltraTM Advantage:

  • Restore windows back to their original shine! 
  • Windows stay cleaner longer - increasing the life of the window glass
  • Clearer view allowing more natural light and better heat efficiency
  • Time savings--easy to maintain
  • Greater safety due to less time on ladders / scaffolding

Ask your professional window cleaner about NanoUltra today!

You will appreciate having windows that are easy to keep clean and as beautiful as the day they were installed. 

Download the NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Brochure for Homeowners