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NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology

Restore your architectural glass and keep it cleaner longer than traditional window cleaning! 

Innovation Delivered

Nanophase, the leader in nanomaterial technology, utilized proven nanotechnology expertise in high-end optical polishing applications, including lithography and energy laser lenses, to develop our new line of
NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology products. This revolutionary product line gives professional window cleaners, window restoration specialists and building managers the opportunity to provide the next generation of window cleaning technology that truly makes windows GLISTEN!

Performance Enhanced Nanomaterial Solutions

NanoArc® Cerium Oxide uses both a chemical and mechanical polishing mechanism to deliver superior performance. The extremely high surface area of the NanoArc® Cerium Oxide results in a highly efficient polishing activity removing micro-roughness on the glass that has built up from being exposed to outside elements and leaves the glass surface smooth and defect free. This results in a window that has the ultimate shine! 

Once the architectural window is polished back to 'like new' condition, the window becomes hydrophilic (water-loving) so that water sheets down the glass.  This sheeting action prevents water from beading up and leaving spots and streaks on the window as it dries. A transparent protection barrier is then applied to the glass surface allowing the hydrophilic effect to keep windows cleaner longer, and help reduce overall cleaning & maintenance costs. 

The NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology products easily outperforms competition.  Traditional window cleaning methods typically remove only the outer layer of debris.  Protecting windows with NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology will make the glass GLISTEN, and easier to clean with a hose or pure water system in the future.

Success Driven Results

Nanophase enables nanoengineered material performance benefits previously impossible with conventional materials.  We have proven application success in markets as diverse as architectural window cleaning, automotive wax & polishpersonal careexterior coatingselectronicshard surfacestextiles and plastics. Learn how we can help you today at www.nanophase.com  

How NanoUltraTM Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Works 

View NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology Video